Helium Balloons Perfect for Every Celebrations

MR Party believed that NO party is complete without balloons! Be it for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower or simply welcoming a newborn, our handcrafted balloons are here to celebrate with you, Rain or Shine!

The last thing to worry should not be if your party will end up with a burnt holes in your pockets! MR Party kept all our prices for party supplies and helium balloons low in prices to ensure everyone in Singapore gets to celebrate that yearly affair! Low price does not mean using low quality of balloons, our helium balloons are there to celebrate to ensure that it last till your party ends.

All the party supplies you need under one roof

Wise Man Says, “Get all your party supplies, helium balloons, birthday banners and decorations from MR Party,” as we lived up to what our slogan says: We make you smile, who said party planning was hard?”

Order your party supplies and balloons from our online store or simply walk into our store at People’s Park to have a chat with us on how we can make your party comes to live by keeping it within your budget today!

Or get in touch with Eilyn with any questions via SMS or WhatsApp @ 96993467.

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